November 30, 2018

Your Open House Checklist

Your Open House Checklist.png

Hosting an open house can be stressful and a lot of things can get lost in the shuffle, so here is a checklist to make sure you do not forget a few of the most important things! 

  1. Tell a family member or friend about the location of the open house in case of emergency. 
  2. Place signs advertising the location of the open house around the neighborhood, but do not obstruct the driver's view or place on private property without asking. 
  3. Park out of way of potential buyers.
  4. Bring business cards and registration book and place them at the entrance to the home. 
  5. Turn cell phone ringer off and do not check it while a potential buyer is there unless absolutely necessary. 
  6. Have a purchase agreement with you just in case. 
  7. Make sure to lock up the property when the open house is over.
  8.  Call homeowner immediately after the open house and let them know how it went (interested buyers, how many attendees, etc.) 

Make sure you are ready on the go! Download the infographic version of this list here.

Posted by Julia Kostakos

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