Now What?


How to Train Your Assistant

You wrote a great job description, interviewed qualifying candidates, and found the perfect assistant! Now what? It's time to begin training.

Who to Hire?

Once you have decided you need the extra help, it’s time to figure out who to hire.

Analyzing your day to day business and what you need from an assistant can you help you narrow down the process. There are many ways you can go about hiring a personal assistant, whether it’s a previously licensed Realtor who knows the business, an unlicensed assistant, virtual assistant, in person, part time, or full time.

The key is figuring what is best for your business! First ask yourself if it is more beneficial for your assistant to be a licensed agent or unlicensed.

Time to Hire an Assistant?

When your real estate business is growing exponentially, client relationships, closings, leads, marketing and maintaining your sanity can get tough. When you find yourself doing everything you can and still not having enough time in the day it may be time to hire a Realtor assistant.

Tech Support and Marketing for Realtors

Did you go into real estate because you love marketing and technology? Chances are you didn’t, but this doesn’t change the importance of marketing for Realtors.

The On-Demand Economy for Realtors

In the rapidly changing world of business and technology there has been one common theme—efficiency. People want what they want when they want it. Why? The always-connected world we live in has made convenience and simplicity vital elements in what we choose to turn our attention to everyday.

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