Terrible Real Estate Pictures

'Terrible Real Estate Pictures' is a collection of the worst of the worst from around the country when it comes to showcasing properties. They are inexplicably bad property photos that include everything from unlikely photo bombers to strange rooms that must make selling the home extremely tough. 

Our Top Blog Posts of 2018

Another year has come to an end - it's time to recap and review our most popular blog posts! 

Introducing Our New CEO

I have big news, friends.

Your Open House Checklist

Hosting an open house can be stressful and a lot of things can get lost in the shuffle, so here is a checklist to make sure you do not forget a few of the most important things! 

Social Media Automation Tools for Realtors

Two of the most important rules of social media are posting consistently and considering each post. Social automation services meet at the intersection of those two rules to provide maximum convenience to social media users. Social automation services allow you to plan posts and emails and other forms of communicating with your target audiences, and schedule them for certain times so you do not have ever have to worry about messing up your perfect posting schedule and you can thoughtfully create content when you have time. We’ll run through the basics of social automation services and which one you should use!


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