The Building Blocks Of An Online Presence

Chances are you are constantly logged into one of the social media apps that most of us use daily. While there are many social networking platforms, these sites can be more than just catching up with old friends; they can be the best marketing resource you have in your business.

Agent How To: Blog Writing

A blog about how to write a blog? Is this blog-ception? Yes, yes it is. Being online is the first step, but keeping your audience engaged is the second (arguably the most important) step. As an agent, your career is very relational. You curate relationships with your clients, future clients, and everyone in between. Blogs are one of the best ways to promote you and your brand. If you have a personal agent website the hardest part is out of the way. The goal is bring as many visitors to that page as possible, right? Blog writing is great for many reasons but here are the most important:

Leveraging Your Personal Network To Generate Leads


If talking about generating leads makes you nervous, I have good news: you do not have to do it alone, and you are probably already doing it well without knowing it, especially if you have a great network. Using your network well is one of the best ways to generate leads, so let’s talk about it.

Keep in touch with past clients:

Time-Saving Tips That Will Make You An Excel Expert

Have you found yourself staring at a spreadsheet with rows and rows of data thinking, where do I even start? Trust me, I know working with your database can be overwhelming, but knowing some quick tips and tricks can make things go a lot smoother. Check out these 4 tips to relieve your stress and make managing your database a breeze.

4 Tips to Throw the Best Client Appreciation Event

In this guest blog, Kaitlyn Klimbach, Events Manager for Atlanta Tech Village, teaches you how to throw the best client appreciation event. Atlanta Tech Village had over 500 events last year, yep you heard that right, 500! Kaitlyn has experience, to say the least, and is sharing some of her event planning wisdom so you can throw an amazing event.


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