A Breakdown of Georgia Realtor Accreditations

(the following information courtesy of Georgia Institute of Real Estate)

Supporting First Time Home Buyers

Making the transition from renting homes to purchasing one is a huge for most Americans.  As some of you know, buying a home for the first time is a remarkably uneasy, involved process. Buyers face a variety of paperwork, fees and inspection issues, as well as general confusion about what needs to be done and what comes next.

How to Conquer Four Common Mistakes Realtors Make

Continuing to make the same mistakes can be a sure sign it's time to try something new. If you find yourself struggling to get a smooth system down, here are the most common mistakes Realtors make and how to prevent them.

How To Think Like A Startup

Being a Realtor means balancing your budget, marketing, maintaining relationships, building clientele, attending networking events, often working on weekends and more. Sounds a little overwhelming, right?

Excuses That Keep Your Business From Growing

Talk is cheap.  And maybe you don’t realize how much these excuses impact your business. There are only two options: make progress or make excuses. Here are the most common excuses that everyone else in this industry has used to avoid what needs to be done to develop their business.


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